VMP – Victory Of Mind Power

History of VMP

I am glad to share few lines of my personal experience which made me to form VMP to my dear ones. I was initially with IT background and switch on myself with Business Line. Though I have achieved some in my beginnings and lost more at the end. Not gone to zero and more with minuses….. Now my life has been changed with all the above trainings which I have done few places and got myself success in that.

VMP MISSION – Achieve all…., be Happy – Time is Young – Make it Bright.

To generate a fresh group of Students, Youngsters and Elders who will say ‘YES I CAN DO” and say NO to Negative Thoughts. At any circumstances train them to build an Inner Strength which helps them to cope up in any positions… No matter what it is….

VMP VISION – The Organization leads and Organize, in close co-operation with its members in different missions responding to larger-scale anti-drug activities and inner strength training programs.

Mind Power Success

Mind Power is “Secret to Success in your Life” which Universe will he lp you to find it fast. Only formula for this is Elimination of Negative Thoughts. We train you how to activate Left Brain to Touch Your Goals in LIFE. We always give you a simple formula for this ACTIVATION OF LEFT BRAIN to become a successful person in Life. We teach you how to activate your left brain and reach your entire dream successful with the following ones with UNIVERSE Support.

Life Success & More Money

This will teach you how to Attract the Money in your Life, Eliminates Debts and Become Rich

Better health & Eliminate depression

This will teach you how to Eliminate Depression, Negativity, and Protect yourself, your family and your properties.

Happy for ever & Love my relationship

This will train you how to Be Happy For Ever, Happy Relationship, Enemy to become Friend etc.

Goals to Success – Ambitions, Business

This will train you How to Achieve your Goals, Targets, Business Growth, How to Apply Smartness to Success in your Goals. Special Co-operate Sector Training available in this module.

Meditation to success your Personal goals.

This is not a religious matter, all religions and races are welcome, technique to how to connect yourself with UNIVERSE Energy to achieve your personal goals.

Individual Consultation is available for this Meditation Program as need to Program according to the individuals goals.

Student Counseling.

This will give you why Studies are important and how you can concentrate in your studies, set your future goals, work towards it, and achieve it simple with UNIVERS

Chakra Meditation.

CHAKRA Meditation to energize yourself, self-protection, personal health, Health Improvements etc.

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