Healing Benefits

  1. Spine Vasti / Kati Basti has a higher success rate and it is non-invasive treatment that can save hundreds thousands of spinal surgeries.
  2. It is cost effective and affordable treatment option for chronic backache.
  3. It also provides mental and physical relaxation.
  4. It relieves tiredness of the back.
  5. The therapy enhances healing and recovery from the spinal problems.
  6. Warm special medicated oil used in katibasti increases blood flow to the affected area, which boosts natural body healing process.
  7. It reduces inflammation, swelling, tenderness of the affected area.
  8. Make your spine more healthy and flexible.
  9. Kati basti improves mobility of the spinal vertebrae.
  10. The skin absorbs the medicated oil used in the treatment. It benefits nourishing and strengthening the spinal nerves and back muscles.
  11. It relieves muscle tension and soreness.
  12. It is very helpful in chronic spinal and back problems.

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