Healing Benefits

  1. For treating vaatadidoshas
  2. Dry, tired, rough and injured eyes are completely nourished
  3. Eyes are soothed and relaxed properly. They are refreshed and cooled
  4. The nerves and eye muscles are strengthened
  5. Eyesight is improved to a great extent
  6. Perfectly beneficial in the treatment of eye diseases and disorders
  7. Drooping of eyelids i.e. Ptsosis is also controlled
  8. Roughness and stiffness of eye is driven away
  9. Injured eyes get relief
  10. The lachrymal fluid secretion is lessened
  11. Vision becomes clear. At times, blurred vision is cured too
  12. Hypermetropia and Myopia is cured
  13. Night blindness is cured
  14. Pain and fatigue are relieved
  15. Wrinkles are reduced
  16. Eye muscular tension is reduced
  17. Good against subconjunctival hemorrhage
  18. Blepharitis is also reduced
  19. Cataract formation is delayed
  20. Glaucoma is treated
  21. Corneal ulcers are treated

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