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About Akastiya

Our main company is AKASTIYA AYURVEDA MEDICAL CARE, which is positioned at 26A, RudraMawatha, Colombo 06, Srilanka. Akastiya Ayurveda medical care formed in May 2014. Fundamentally this organization designed to provide natural medical services to the nations in Srilanka. WE CHALLENGE TO CURE 85% NATURALLY WITHOUT ANY SURGERY OR ANY HARMFUL MEDICATION WITH REASONABLE COST. To upsurge the standard to this establishment, we have lengthy our amenities with the following areas.

Mummy Relax:  It is a relaxed chamber where elderly mums can live peacefully.

Golden Tea: it is an Organic Cafeteria area where in-house, OPD and outsiders can enjoy their healthy intakes.

Tourism: Here we have luxury vehicles to service foreigners to round the Lanka with the Professional and standard. Also we offer VIP Hires, Wedding Hires and Individual Hire packages.

Business Consultancy & IT Solution: We deliver professional Business Consultations, Business Developments, Forming Small Business, Managing their Company Accounts, Stock Control Packages, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, System Developments, and System Entry Support anywhere in the world etc.

VMP – victory of mind power: Here we demonstrate the techniques to reach the Alpha Stage of Mind and succeed in life in all aspects.

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About Chief Consultant

Dr.Gayathiri obtained preliminary qualifications from Microsoft as MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineering-USA), followed by MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator-USA). She began her career with various companies like reputed local organization and continued working with foreign organizations in Srilanka. Subsequently she moved to Singapore where she worked as an IT Professional for some time and with her personal skills got Skilled Migration to Australia. With her outstanding skills and professional experience got a job in IT while in Australia within short time immediately after her Migration. She was working as an IT Professional at Dept. of Fire Brigades in Sydney and Dept of Public Service for few years. Then switched on to Accounting area with private sectors in Sydney and worked as a Credit Controller.

Further as a part time occupation, she worked as an Announcer for Tamil Media in Sydney. Embarking on a new venture, she then initiated importing Srilankan Stevia Leave Tea to Australia where the product gained immense popularity amongst the Diabetic Patients. This monumental step in her career, garnered her to launched Research and Development Center of Diabetic in Australia. She then aptly joined the Food Export as a Quality Controller in Sydney. Having acquired a great wealth of experience in the food industry in Australia, she then fitfully launched her own Modern Instant Food Products under the brand name as THIRISS, upon returning to her native land Srilanka.

THIRISS is a breakthrough in the instant food industry of Srilanka where it soon gained a household name as an ideal product to compact Diabetes Cholesterol and Kydney related malfunctions. Moreover her products also found a Loyal Market in Australia where she exports in bulks. Also her products have been distributed not only locals through chain Supermarkets like Arpico, Laughs and Keels but also small retail shops. While she has started importing some Ayurveda Products from India and this made her to involve in doing many research in making her own medicine and it has given a miraculous result and made her to study Ayurveda Therapy in Kerala and completed her Doctor of Naturopathy Medicine (ND) India. In May 2014 formed Akastiya Ayurveda Medical Care in Colombo Srilanka and doing many research how to cure chronic diseases with Naturopathic Treatments.

She is also a Charter President for Lions Clubs of Colombo Welcome 100 Ladies – year 2016/2017 and President for 2017/2018 & 2018/2019.

She has followed numerous Positive Mind Power training how to Attract Wealth, Health, Relationship, Positive Energy etc through Universe. She has applied the same in her life and got developed in her own Career. She also gives her needed training to her Patients and the Clients to Empower the Success in their life. This made her to form Victory of Mind Powder program for Students, Teenagers, Executives, House wives, Couples and all individuals. She is giving a Life Coach Training to everyone to Success in their life.

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